Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters…

Have you heard that song by John Mayer, “Daughters?”

You might have heard it, and not known it.

I’ll admit, I’m not a huge John Mayer fan.

Okay, I’m not even a little John Mayer fan. But when I heard that song, I remember thinking how cool it was when I heard the chorus verse, “Fathers be good to your daughters…”

I didn’t know any of the other words. I just knew that the musical sound of the song was kind of schmaltzy, and that went along with how I feel about fathers being good to their daughters.

As it turns out, that song is about the impact of how your treat your daughter affects how she is in her future romantic relationships. That’s the perspective of the song.

This guy really likes this girl, and he notices how she is still affected by the way she was treated as a girl, and how that affects their relationship.

That essentially is one of the reasons why I started my father-daughter retreat.

And it’s also why many of the dads who bring their daughters to our retreat are prompted to do so by their wives, who fully understand how important such attention from their dad is to a daughter.

Ladies, do you feel it? Do you feel empowered by the love from your dad?

Yes, that’s GREAT!

Not so much? Well, no matter how your earthly father may have, or may not have, loved you, your heavenly Father loves you with a perfect love.

And essentially, isn’t that the role of a dad–to love our children the way our heavenly “dad” loves us?

No matter what may have, or may not have happened in the past, we have complete control over how we act today, in the here and now.

Dad, let’s love our children like our heavenly Father loves us.

Ladies, help us with that. We need it.

Much love,


PS: As a dad, if you want to give your daughters a token of your love in an unforgettable, life-changing way, come to our father-daughter retreat on September 11-12.  The website is easy to remember. It’s www.FatherDaughterRetreat.com. Hope to see you there! But if not, please don’t ignore your power as a dad. Fathers, be good to your daughters.

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