I Wish You Freedom

When I was a boy, if my dad was ever somewhere the Star Spangled Banner was played or sung, he would stand, hold his hand over his heart, and sing along…even if no one else was singing.

My responses ranged from embarrassment to intrigue. One day I asked him, “Dad, why are you singing when no one else is?”

He would always reply by talking about the greatness of freedom, and how rare it has been around the world through history.

When I was in fourth grade, our whole grade performed a patriotic choral medley. One of the songs was entitled Freedom Isn’t Free. I still remember the chorus.

Freedom isn’t free,

Freedom isn’t free.

You have to pay the price,

You have to sacrifice,

For your liberty.


I wish you freedom. But no matter how free you and I may be in this world, we have no freedom without Christ.

So, when I say I wish you freedom, of course I want all people to be free.

But what I really mean is, I wish you Jesus Christ.