How to Teach Your Children to Transform Thier Fear into Excitement

Have you ever heard someone talk about getting nervous before a speech, and how that’s normal?

Well, they’re wrong. Let me explain, and in the process, show you how you can teach your children to turn their fear into excitement.

Let’s stick with the speaking illustration. Do people get nervous before they speak?

“Yes, of course, Frederic. Everyone knows that.”

Do we, really, KNOW that? You would think it’s true, based on everyone who says it.

But is that what really happens before we speak?

I say no.

I say that what happens before we speak is we get a rush of potential energy. Our conscious mind knows the speech is coming. Our subconscious mind tries to help the conscious mind do an awesome job by creating all kinds of energy through adrenaline and other methods.

What that energy is, is just that–energy. It’s to be used however you see fit.

As a matter of fact, I say that the mind is WAITING FOR YOU to NAME that energy, so it knows what to feel, and how to act.

Here is where the magic happens. Tony Robbins calls it Transformational Vocabulary.

If we call that energy “nervousness,” we will feel nervous.

If we call it “fear,” we will feel afraid.

If we call that energy “excitement,” we will feel excited.

Your nervous system is very powerful. And God created it in such a way that we have a lot of control over how it will work for us, or against us, in terms of spiritual maturity.

That’s why God tells us not to even think lustful thoughts of a woman (Matthew 5:27-28), whereas the world tells us that as long as your not hurting anyone, you can think/lust whatever you want and its fine.

God also commands us to think about whatever is pure, right, true, lovely, etc. (Philippians 4:8)

He even tells us to turn the energy we have (created by our nervous system–subconscious mind–for help) to face trials, into joy. (James 1:2)

So, what’s the point?

Teach your children that what they feel when they go to a new school, meet a pretty girl they can see themselves marrying, or just give a plain old speech, that it is NATURAL and God-orchestrated, that energy will be created. They will feel it,

Teach them to name the energy what they want it to become.

Instead of letting them default into, “I’m scared to go to this new school,” teach them to think, “I’m so excited to go to this new school!”

“I’m excited to meet this pretty girl!”

“I’m excited to give this speech!”

Not only will the excitement they will create do more for them than the fear will, it will also create more positive energy with their schoolmates, the pretty girl, and the speech audience.

And while you’re at it, you might find out that you, yourself, might even need a little fine-tuning with this as well. I regularly remind myself about this.

I hope this is a blessing to you!