Memorial Day Musings


I don’t know what that means to you, but to me, it means several things.

A Soldier’s Sacrifice

I always take time on this day to reflect on people who have sacrificed their lives to fight for our nation…to fight for me, even though they may have never met me. I talk about it with Heather and our children. I want them to appreciate the sacrifices made by so many. I want them to honor those soldiers…to respect them.

As a non-veteran, I don’t know that I can ever fully understand what these great soldiers have given me. But I try.

American Holiday

Memorial Day is an official government holiday. While many people don’t have mandatory “time off,” this day is always a reminder to me to focus on my family.

Growing up in Minnesota, it seemed every house and apartment broke out the grill, and spend time as a family. When I lived in apartments, we would laugh and talk with people grilling on their patios next to us doing the same thing. There was always a big crowd of people grilling on the community grills outside by the pool.

When I lived in houses, my dad always would grill something great. If we were lucky, he would spend the weekend smoking something delicious.

True to its name, Memorial Day is a great time to create memories.

A Memorial’s Purpose

Every memorial day I think about what a memorial is, and how God has given Christians a memorial. Communion is a memorial. God has given it to us so we never forget all that Jesus has done for us. (1 Corinthians 11:23-26)

Whether or not our country has learned the lesson from God–that memorials are important, I have gotten the point.

Both my God, and my country, have memorials so we never forget. Memorials are tremendous tools.

Thus, I ask myself, what kind of memorials can I create in my family?

Create a memorial, or a ritual, or just something you do on an expected day and time, to honor loved ones who have passed. Don’t let them be forgotten. Talk about them. Tell stories about them.

My dad’s father died in a car accident when he was very young. All he ever told me about him are things people have told my dad about him. His memories of his dad are from other people sharing their memories of him.

It could be for any purpose you have in mind…not just remembering a loved one.

Wouldn’t it be great if today we prayerfully think about, and create, a great new memorial for our family?