No Girls Allowed

Two weeks ago I took my oldest son, Malachi, camping at a father-son retreat.

We arrived at the campsite, and we set up our tent. We got situated, and started greeting other men and boys as they arrived.

As we were on this trip, I kept feeling overwhelming gratitude.

I was thankful to be on this trip, taking advantage of whatever days I have to live.

I was thankful that I have health that allows me to go on this trip.

I was thankful that Malachi wanted to go with me.

Through it all, I kept thinking about the special thing it was to spend time alone, just father and son.

We made a ton of memories. We will never forget this camping trip. But here’s the kicker.

If we had just stayed home, we could have killed that time with VERY FORGETTABLE activities… watching TV, me working, him playing, etc.

It got me thinking.

How hard is it to create unforgettable memories?

Not that hard.

You don’t have to do something crazy.

Just do something DIFFERENT.

Bu breaking up your routine, your senses (and uppit children’s) will open up and pay more attention.

Colors will be brighter. Sounds clearer. Smells more poignant.

And everything will be easier to remember.

This is a short post. But I just wanted to share with you the “aha moment” I had while camping with my son. And I wanted to encourage you to break up your routine.

Do something different. Anything.

And create memories for life.

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