Rick  Andreassen

has over 26 years experience as a Teacher, Coach, Lecturer and as a Children’s Minister. In 1997 Rick founded the Christian Homeschool Athletic Association of Florida, which currently reaches over 5,000 Homeschool Students per week throughout Florida, Texas, and Las Vegas, Nevada and has just launched it’s first out-of-the country program in Guatemala, and Kenya and Zambia, Africa.

Coach Rick is a Psychology Major with an emphasis on Early Childhood Development, and a Certified Minister. Rick has recently been inducted into the “Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers”, a national recognition to honor the most respected teachers in our country…He is the first Homeschool Educator to ever receive this award.

An interesting footnote: Coach Rick was elected to carry the “Olympic Torch” in the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to represent ALL the Homeschool Families throughout the United States and the WORLD!!!!!!

The heart of Rick’s message is always “God is Faithful!!!” Coach Rick has an amazing way of communicating from the Heart of God, to the Heart of a Parent, about the Heart of a Child. His passion and enthusiasm to see young people become all that God has created them to be, and his sincere love for the Lord, will be sure to inspire us all.




Brian Harber

is the creator of the Creation to Revelation(CTR) children’s bible study program. CTR has been used in churches and homes across the country. Having spoken in churches, lectureships, and Christian events across the country, Brian is a gifted communicator. His Christ-centered messages are refreshing, humorous, and inspiring.

A recognizable talent, Brian took art lessons beginning at seven years old and held his first art show a year later. At sixteen he finished his first rendering of CTR with 300 illustrations, and now, a decade later, is embarking on his second (600-illustration) rendering. A husband and father of three, Brian currently works as the art director for the Marketing Department at Florida College, provides freelance marketing and graphic services from home, and moonlights as a Jack Sparrow impressionist.

We are honored to have Brian serve as this year’s banquet emcee and master of ceremonies for the retreat.



Picture27Frederic Gray

is the founder of the Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence father-daughter retreat, as well as the Unquenchable Love Marriage Workshop.

For over 20 years, Frederic has been speaking into the lives of others. In his teens he began speaking to youth. In his twenties, he began speaking to churches, schools, and business groups.   Churches, schools, homeschool organizations, youth organizations, abortion counseling centers, lectureships and conventions have invited Frederic to speak on issues pertaining to families, marriage, parenting and concerns for today’s youth (including abstinence, student leadership and healthy choices).

One of Frederic’s life missions is to do all he can to encourage, empower and equip families to strengthen themselves with biblical solutions for life and the family.  Embracing the core belief that “God has given us all things pertaining to life and godliness,” he believes that the Bible is our instruction manual for every area of our lives. A national award-winning speaker, Frederic hosts marriage seminars and other events geared toward the family.

Frederic believes God gave him a background in life that helped him see firsthand the pain people feel when life is lived away from the Bible. Thus, born from a life hungry for God, his mission in life is to ease that pain and to help people feel hope, joy, and love by sharing biblical solutions for life and the family

Frederic was born to unwed parents.  Growing up in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Frederic experienced the following: moving 16 times, witnessing or experiencing every form of abuse possible, viewing firsthand the reality and impact of drug use and alcoholism, finding out he has a biological sister he’s never met (and still hasn’t met to this day), being kidnapped and hidden by one of his parents, going through a multi-year custody battle, having to work two paper routes to buy food for him and his brother when they were left alone for prolonged periods of time and this all happened by the time he was 12 years old.

Exhausted with life and wanting do die by the age of 12, Frederic knew there had to be a better way.  From that point on, he began thinking about how he could have a more healthy and happy life than he had previously experienced.  At the age of 14, he came to the conclusion that pre-marital sex destroyed relationships.  He did this with no church family, without owning or reading a Bible, with no support of any kind, and in direct opposition to the lifestyle of his family.  He merely observed people, their choices, and measured the consequences of those choices.

Frederic believes that making it through high school without ever smoking, drinking, doing drugs, or having sex laid the foundation many of the healthy choices he made later in life.  Meanwhile, after graduating high school and attending a professional actor’s training studio, Frederic began working as an actor in commercials, theater, and industrial films.  By the age of 21, he was depressed and ready to give up on life, heaving experienced the futility of living life without God.  He believes this suicidal emotional descent was accelerated by viewing up-close the immorality inherent in much of the entertainment industry.

Becoming a Christian at 21, Frederic embraced a philosophy that looks to the Bible as the ultimate guide and authority for life.  He applied this philosophy to family concepts and then ravenously devoured everything the Bible said about family relationships.  Within six months of becoming a Christian, Frederic preached his first bible-based talk.  In addition to studying biblical teachings on the family, he has interviewed hundreds of healthy Christian families.

The growing sum of all of this work, along with feedback from the many female friends he had that were desperate to be close to their dads, gave birth to the Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence Retreat.

Frederic’s undergraduate work was at Florida College and his graduate work was at Liberty University.

Frederic lives in Tampa, Florida, with his wife Heather and their three daughters and two sons. Frederic and his family are faithful members of their local congregation, where Frederic has been ministering full time for seven years.