The Wonder of Promise

The Wonder of Promise Evaporating, as the invisible cycle of morning dew, is the hope of yesterday, gone. It’s true. While slumber unfolds with the quieting of chaos, Hope exists that the morn will catapult promise across the horizon of each breath, whether tepid or profound. The wonder of promise leaves us spellbound. The future; […]

Take Time to Intentionally Remember

Fifteen years ago today, I was stressing, running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get a ton of things done before my rehearsal dinner. I knew my wedding anniversary was October 25th. Heather and I spent a lot of time selecting that date. She even bought a Farmer’s Almanac to […]

Children Are Now Getting High Blood Pressure???

I have come across a trend with children recently…and it alarms me. Blood pressure is rising in children under 18, to the tune of 1-1.7 million more than ‘normal.’ There has been a historic and consistent 1-2% rate of high blood pressure in children under 18. This has been primarily found in infants and toddlers […]