Iron Sharpens Iron Conference

Have you ever¬†considered the following proverb? “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” –Proverbs 27:17 I have. And in doing so, I realize that the most profound, intimate, and long-lasting growth impact I have ever experienced has been at the hands of men. Godly men. Men who were doing what this proverb says–sharpen one […]

How to Teach Your Children to Transform Thier Fear into Excitement

Have you ever heard someone talk about getting nervous before a speech, and how that’s normal?… Well, they’re wrong. Let me explain, and in the process, show you how you can teach your children to turn their fear into excitement. Let’s stick with the speaking illustration. Do people get nervous before they speak? “Yes, of […]

What Happened When We Took Away Our iPad Will Shock You!

A few years back, our chiropractor had a contest. The point of the contest was for us customers to promote her on social media, give positive reviews, and to refer new business. She had everything we did allocated on points, and there were a number of prizes. The Grand Prize was an iPad mini. They […]

How to Help Your Children to NOT Feel Safe With Christians…Without Even Trying!

When I got saved at the age of 21, everything was GREAT…for about a week. Then I panicked. I started thinking thoughts such as, “How in the world can I have a godly marriage? I don’t even know what marriage is!” All kinds of thoughts regarding godly families, and my inadequacy in leading one, began […]

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