Baby Noah’s Butterfly

While we were still in shock at the final phase of losing Baby Noah, we waited patiently in our little room at the ER. Heather was weak, quiet, and still.  Her usual effervescence was gone. Her eyes were shallow and empty.  I held her hand and ran my fingers as softly as I could up and down her […]

From Earthly Father to Heavenly Father

As I finished my morning routine and gathered my thoughts to begin this new day, I checked my handy dandy, old-school, paper planner for my plans for the month, week and day.  Let’s see…Bible study at 8:00 pm, return several phone calls from the previous day (and from before the previous day), family discipleship, Daddy […]

Gifts From a Child

So, we had a GREAT time on Heather’s birthday! We went to the beach, and had a blast! Yeah, it was a tab bit chilly for my taste, but the enthusiasm of going to the beach in January for this Minnesota guy overpowered the cold…at least for about 40 minutes. Before Heather woke up, we […]

A Date with Maleia

Saturday was a special day. I took my six year old daughter on a date to her favorite tea room and then I escorted her to the butterfly IMAX movie. One of the special things about having family relationships is that you enjoy each other’s company in any environment; in a crowd, alone, it doesn’t matter. Think […]