Fathers Be Good To Your Daughters…

Have you heard that song by John Mayer, “Daughters?” You might have heard it, and not known it. I’ll admit, I’m not a huge John Mayer fan. Okay, I’m not even a little John Mayer fan. But when I heard that song, I remember thinking how cool it was when I heard the chorus verse, […]

The Significance of the First Born Child

On August 13th, our son, Malachi, turned five years old.  In the days leading up to his birthday, like most soon to be five year olds, Malachi was filled with joy and excitement for what his fifth year of life has in store.  What are his plans for the year?  Officially joining his sisters in […]

What Dads Learn About Their Daughters Too Late (or not at all!)

What’s the lesson that dads learn about their daughters way too late? Or never learn? They need you. But that’s the short answer. Here’s the deal. One of the most educational and eye-opening things that ever happened to me was having female friends. Tenth grade is when it happened. I started listening to girls. As […]

Baby Noah’s Butterfly

While we were still in shock at the final phase of losing Baby Noah, we waited patiently in our little room at the ER. Heather was weak, quiet, and still.  Her usual effervescence was gone. Her eyes were shallow and empty.  I held her hand and ran my fingers as softly as I could up and down her […]