What’s Really Important?

Several weeks ago, I woke up, got dressed, and left the house. Everything was normal. About an hour later, I started feeling a gradual tightness in the lower, left part of my back. By the afternoon, I couldn’t move. It was the same part of my back that has gotten injured several times over the […]

The Significance of the First Born Child

On August 13th, our son, Malachi, turned five years old.  In the days leading up to his birthday, like most soon to be five year olds, Malachi was filled with joy and excitement for what his fifth year of life has in store.  What are his plans for the year?  Officially joining his sisters in […]

What Dads Learn About Their Daughters Too Late (or not at all!)

What’s the lesson that dads learn about their daughters way too late? Or never learn? They need you. But that’s the short answer. Here’s the deal. One of the most educational and eye-opening things that ever happened to me was having female friends. Tenth grade is when it happened. I started listening to girls. As […]