3 Ways to Sabotage your Goals and Dreams

Immediately after jumping off the wagon during my juice fast, I had a ‘eureka experience.’ I realized that some of the things I had heard other people teach, and that I had taught, about goals really were true. You would think that after having a life filled with ups and downs, AND after having opened […]

Making the Lord our Banner

Moses built an altar and called it “The Lord is my Banner.” Exodus 17:15 Where do you give glory? Where does your strength come from? In an ideal world, our answers to both questions would be “God.” I imagine we all would love to answer those questions that way—that God gives us our strength, and […]

Memorial Day…We Will Never Forget

While everyone is enjoying the national holiday today, many Americans will do something special to honor the legacy of our veterans that led to the creation of Memorial Day. And that is GREAT! I believe with all my heart that America is the greatest nation ever conceived of by men. I’m pretty sure most people […]

Where Are the Men?

“Where are you?” My last blog post began to address that question, and why an all-knowing, all-powerful God would ask such a question. Being God, He obviously knew where Adam was. I suggested one reason why God questioned Adam the way He did was to give Adam a growth opportunity; a chance to take responsibility […]