From Hate to Hugs

After visiting Heather’s family on Thanksgiving, I left Heather and our children there and flew back to Tampa by myself. Everything was going fine until the woman next to me called the flight attendant. “He is too big, and he’s in my space! I’m uncomfortable and getting anxiety. You need to get him another seat. I can’t fly the […]

Life Lessons from Apraxia–a Father Cares

In case you didn’t know, my son has Apraxia. His name is Malachi, and he is almost four years old. And Apraxia is a neurological disconnect from his brain to the motor skills in his mouth. That means that he has to learn how to speak differently than most people. Most people just hear people […]


It’s happened to me a million times. But this time, I was praying, pleading inside, PLEEEEEEEZE don’t let it happen this time! I’m just so exhausted, just this once I was hoping to avoid it. What was happening? I was talking to someone. Who? Doesn’t matter. It’s happened with thousands of people. But this particular […]