From Hate to Hugs

After visiting Heather’s family on Thanksgiving, I left Heather and our children there and flew back to Tampa by myself. Everything was going fine until the woman next to me called the flight attendant. “He is too big, and he’s in my space! I’m uncomfortable and getting anxiety. You need to get him another seat. I can’t fly the […]

What Dads Learn About Their Daughters Too Late (or not at all!)

What’s the lesson that dads learn about their daughters way too late? Or never learn? They need you. But that’s the short answer. Here’s the deal. One of the most educational and eye-opening things that ever happened to me was having female friends. Tenth grade is when it happened. I started listening to girls. As […]

Limited Time Webinar Replay

Hey, Frederic here. I have a present for you. We had a marriage webinar on Saturday, entitled How to Have a Holy and Happy Marriage. It was amazing! After overcoming an initial technical glitch, everything was great and the room was packed. Just in case you weren’t able to sign up for the webinar, here is a replay […]