How Dads Lose Their Daughter’s Heart and Don’t Even Know it…and What You Can Do About it.

Does your daughter say this? “My father is a good man. He has worked hard to earn a living for our family and he’s been faithful to my mother. Still, I never felt that he really admired or wanted to be close to me. He was very, very busy doing what he did, but he […]

19 Reasons Why I Hate Your…

Wanna know what my blog will NEVER turn into? 19 Reasons Why I Hate Your XYZ. Isn’t that the “go to” formula for having an eye-catching blog post title? Anger. Bitterness. Resentment. Irritation. Dislike. Perterbedness. (Yeah, so I made that word up.) Annoyance. Outrage. Fill in the blank. _________ Am I the only one who […]