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Unquenchable Love: How to Have a Holy and Happy Marriage
Unquenchable Love: How to Have a Holy and Happy Marriage
This 7 CD set is a recording of a live seminar going through the foundational principles of Frederic's Unquenchable Love program. For 19 years, Frederic has taught these principles to thousands of people all over the country. Live and unplugged, this CD set has Frederic explaining the following.

• The root of most problems in a marriage, and how you can improve your marriage even if your spouse does nothing!

• The spiritual aspect of marriage, and why God hates divorce.

• How the quality of our marriage affects the quality of every aspect of our life, especially our spirituality.

• How to immediately create joy in your marriage, even if you are at each other's throats and on your way to the divorce attorney!

"This material is like nothing I've heard before. The best information on marriage I've ever heard!" –John Resto, Stevens Point, WI

“I wish my wife and I had gone through this before our marriage. It would have saved us both a lot of unnecessary heartache!” –Murry Hyman, Birmingham, AL

“I believe if my first husband had heard this, we would still be married.” –76 year old woman, Franklin, TN

“This seminar will change your life…if you let it!” –Thayne Washburn, Tampa, FL
2013 Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence Retreat
2013 Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence Retreat
This recording of the 2013 Fathers of Faith and Daughters of Excellence retreat empowers fathers and daughters to give each other their heart in the spirit of Malachi 4:6.

Titles of the talks are:

1. Celebrating the Father-Daughter Relationship

2. Hey Dad, Get in Position!

3. The Cultural Crisis with Fathers and Daughters

4. How to be Your Dad's Helper

5. Fighting for, and with, Your Daughter

"This retreat is the wisest decision you can make for growing and solidifying your father-daughter relationship!" --Mike Garth, Tampa, FL

“This retreat is invaluable! Make sure you go with your young lady!” –Dr. Dave. Wineinger, Andover, MN

“This retreat is a must! It’s an event I wish I could have done with my dad 10 plus years ago…we as daughters have become clueless as to how to honor, serve, and truly appreciate our fathers and their role in our lives. Thank you for this chance to remind me…and give me more spiritual ammunition to fight Satan’s bombardment to the father-daughter relationship.” –Lindsey Dobbs, Boston, MA

“Tears of joy were shed that will keep my daughter and I bonded for life.” –Mike Williamson, Plant City, FL
Biblical Manhood in a Nutshell
Biblical Manhood in a Nutshell
What do colleges and churches have in common? They both, on average, have a lot more women than men. With a culture that is progressively blurring distinctions between the idea of male and female, biblical manhood is an idea that is getting left behind. With analysis of what Frederic calls The Purpose Pyramid, this 2 CD set gives you a summary of biblical manhood in a nutshell.

“That blew my mind! You have shown me all the qualities of manhood that I want in myself. Thank you!” –Adam Britt, Birmingham, AL

“Man, Frederic, you have given me so much to think about! I am so excited to grow as a man and becoming a better leader. I wish I had heard this a long time ago!” –Luke Metzger, Bowling Green, KY

“Knowing Frederic Gray like I do, this seminar was all that I expected it to be, and more! To know Frederic Gray is to trust him implicitly. But that trust isn’t derived from an artificial results from an adherence to godly love and compassion. His seminar on biblical manhood seizes upon your heart, shakes free all cultural deceptions, and gently implants biblical perspectives and teachings from which incredible things will grow. By entrusting my heart to such teachings, I entrust myself to God.” –Brian Harber, Temple Terrace, FL

“I feel like as a man, I have never been given a clear and defined rite of passage into manhood. These lessons on manhood do exactly that—they show me how to be the man God wants me to be. And it’s easy to understand!” –Jason Crawford, Tampa, FL

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