“Out of all the speakers we had this year, Frederic was the #1 most-requested speaker at our convention that people wanted us to bring back!”—Alice Pauquette, former Director of Events, FPEA


The single greatest thing that happened to me growing up that gave me hope for the future is easy to identify–people speaking into my life.

Sometimes it was in my AWANA club in Golden Valley, MN. Sometimes it was at Treehouse, in New Hope, MN. A relative, a friend, a teacher, a guest speaker, a preacher…they all were part of my journey. And what they may not ever realize, (and I can’t tell them because I have forgotten so many of their names), is that they changed my life.

Every single one of them.

And so, to the extent that God has given me ability, I will do whatever I can to encourage you and your people. I live for the hope that I might be the catalyst to change someone’s life–just like so many have done for me.

Because of my background, and the perspective I have on the life-changing power of a few words, I approach every talk I give in two ways.

1) Like it will be my last…thus, I better make it my best.
2) Like someone’s life depends on it.

Whether it’s your convention, your small group, your church, your business, your retreat,  I will work with you to empower you in ways that will strengthen and encourage everyone–all while putting a smile on their face.

And, I guarantee–I will be the easiest speaker you ever work with.

To request Frederic to speak at your event, email Frederic@FredericGray.com. Also, you could click on the “Ask Frederic” link on the right side of this page. ===>

In the spirit of Proverbs 27:2 (Let someone else praise you, and not your own lips), here are reports from people who have heard me speak.

“When I bring in speakers, I look for two things. First, I look for a speaker that can connect with my attendees to encourage and inspire them. Second, I want a speaker that meets the demands of people, and can bring in a crowd. Frederic does both.” –David Nunnery, Founder, Teach Them Diligently conventions.

“Frederic Gray is not just an amazing speaker, he is an amazing person. Everything he does embodies purity. Everyone needs to hear his story!” –Jennie Bishop, author of The Princess and the Kiss, and The Squire and the Scroll.

“Enthusiastic and joyful aptly describe the emotions felt within a presentation by Frederic Gray. Frederic intertwines Scripture with captivating stories. I especially enjoy how Frederic elevates our ambitions while he couples his instruction with encouragement.”—Allen B. Wolfe, author of Balancing the Sword (Vol. 1 & 2), and contributing writer for IndoctriNation (DVD) and Wait Till It’s Free (DVD)

“Frederic’s heart is what sets him apart as a speaker. His compassion for people breathes life into the audience through stories, humor, and practical guidance. Frederic’s sessions offer a fresh perspective on some of the most crucial topics we face today. He’s a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any event.” –Kim Sorgius, owner of Not Consumed Ministries, author and speaker.

My name is Kay Orr and I serve the Texas Home School Coalition as the speaker liaison and an event planner. I know the difficulty that comes with creating a stellar speaker line up. One of the difficult tasks is finding speakers that are willing to listen to your requests, stay within the agreed upon message or timeline and be a favorite among families.  Frederic blessed families at both of our 2016 Conventions. He was relatable to our teens, spoke words of encouragement to our parents of children with special needs and encouraged our fathers to lead through sessions designed specifically for them. Frederic was easy to work with, listened to my requests, was willing to adjust sessions to meet the needs of our audience, and had relevant, pertinent information for our families. His smooth, conversational style made him a favorite among attendees young and old. –Kay Orr, Past Event/Speaker Liaison, Texas Home School Coalition (THSC)

“Frederic Gray should change his name to ‘Mr. Enthusiasm!’ That was great!” –Desmond Roberts, Advantage Chevrolet, NADA Board of Directors, Past President for the General Motors Minority Dealer Association

“I have been an elder in two churches, in two different states, for over 20 years, and I have never heard such great teaching on marriage. You need to teach this everywhere you go!” -Dick Sullivan, Elkton, TN

“Frederic Gray was a valued asset to Ross Media, Inc. His energetic enthusiasm and knowledge kept me and my staff focused and excited the two days he was here helping us bolster and grow our direct mail department. We can’t wait until he returns.” — Todd Neidorf, Ross Media, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia

“With my life spent in Human Resources, I care very much about morale, retention, and training. I have had the privilege of seeing many trainers and keynote speakers. Anyone who needs a keynote speaker needs to bring in Frederic. He captivates his audience with his high energy and love of people. He is very intelligent and is able to present things in an easy to understand way. It’s rare that I find someone who is so electrifying, memorable, and leaves such a strong positive impact.” — Duena DeArmond, Owner, HR at Your Service, LLC

“I didn’t think I could homeschool my children, but I have wanted to for years. Now, after hearing what you said, I KNOW I can homeschool my children, and I will this year!” –dad in Lutz, FL

“We have had three record months in a row, and a lot of that is because of you! Thank you, Frederic!” –Shannon Rice, Comptroller, Intelligent Direct Marketing, Sacramento, CA

“Frederic Gray helped us gain momentum and got our organization off to a fast start for 2006. His speaking reinvigorated our Board and staff and motivated them to take action. He is a very inspirational speaker whom I recommend highly.” — Ralph Smith, Executive Director, Computer Mentors Group, Inc.

“Frederic Gray is truly the best speaker I have ever heard in my life. He will change your life.” –Dan Enna, Behavior Interventionist, Robbinsdale Area Schools, MN

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  1. I am the FL Outreach Director for AFP Foundation’s “Bridge To Wellbeing”. We provide programs for churches, schools, homeschool groups and civic organizations. I would like to talk to Frederic Gray about a speaking opportunity.